I am currently a journalist, content writer and lecturer for Luxury Marketing in the area of Storytelling & Jewellery, after spending several years at Chanel and working on assignments for prestigious fashion Houses

Content writing and storytelling: Jewellery, Watches, Works of Art, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Fashion, Wine & Spirits


“Images cannot do everything, words can do anything”

                                                   Roland Barthes



What is your brand story?

You have completed your life’s work: creating a brand.

Et vous And you want to build its story.

However, you’re wondering how to use the right, authentic wordsthat will capture the imagination, and touch the very soul of your target.

Imagination and the creation of emotion are essential to your brand’s story. It will be difficult for your customers to accept a narrative that simply describes your project and gives information. You have to breathe life into your story, create its architecture with words that inspire the imagination.

This is called storytelling, or brand storytelling: architecture that is built brick by brick.

Storytelling is not a rigid science, it evolves over time, along with society. Without falling victim to fashion, it tells a vibrant but always authentic story. This is one of the 6 fundamental rules of storytelling.


What does storytelling do for your brand?

Are you a start up? Then act like a major brand

 Look at what’s happening in the luxury industry: the large fashion Houses are storytelling schools. They do not sell a product, an object or even a concept, they sell a universe, that’s sometimes audacious, but always creative.

The major brands always follow the same rules, those of quality which maintain longevity and bring value.

This value, which is also expressed in words, values the customer as much as your brand.


In the visual and digital age, why write?

Words are the cornerstone of your brand’s image.

They give meaning to your graphic and visual message.

They are inspirational and influential, providing unparalleled precision.

Without content, and a brand story to support it, your visual communication is fragile and temporary.

A successful visual campaign or digital event starts with meaningful storytelling that reaches the core target audience. This allows you to “readthe messages contained in images.

Storytelling is an infinite “reservoirof stories to boost your social networks. It allows you to create an endless number of new stories, but always legitimate and linked to the foundation of your identity. This is the art of storytelling: building a sustainable architecture from this “reservoir”.

Is your brand inspirational?

Give meaning to your story, make it different

 Eleven years at Chanel managing an editorial department and then building collection and image strategies gave me a passion for words and a genuine love for the meaning and soul given to brands.

Assignments for Jewellery Houses have enabled me to see how much they leverage their marvellous legacy of history and style to embrace the modern world with a dynamic and constantly evolving narrative.

As a journalist and storyteller for more than 10 years, I am in daily contact with brands, and I enjoy writing their story, discovering the features that will make them stand out from the crowd.


My job? Writing for you

 Writing is both my job and my passion

 Storytelling, stories, press kits, websites, intercultural adaptation, etc. above all, my goal is to give meaning to your brand and your creations, to tell your story with authenticity, to make words vibrate and evoke emotion.

For a foreign brand, intercultural adaptation is essential. Above all, you write for your clients. Your message is clear and effective in your language and culture, but may not be understood in other countries. My role is to help you create this bridge between cultures ensuring that your brand remains inspiring and desirable. 


Editorial content or storytelling?

Writing content is primarily about using the communication and image tools you have established. You have already identified the essence of your brand, its personality, and vision.

 Perhaps you have even developed your own semantic chart that gives meaning and depth to words.

My experience with companies that have a strong brand image enables me to offer you quality print and web content.


Storytelling is a narrative communication style based on the brand’s origins, its founders and leaders, its highlights and achievements, to tell an authentic story that can generate the interest, emotion and imagination of the customer.

In a world of competing interests, attachment is the most difficult relationship to create and sustain. By creating a strong emotional bond between the customer and the brand, storytelling creates that attachment.


As a journalist, my extensive knowledge of the industry along with a network of people who specialise in luxury goods enables me to be a partner in market studies. I am also a lecturer in Luxury Marketing on the topic of Storytelling and Jewellery in, both in France and internationally.

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